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Video Production

  1. True 16:9 Hi-Def and Standard 4:3 - Def format
  2. 60i / 30p / 24p frame rates
  3. Single & multiple camera setups
  4. Lighting
  5. Video editing
  6. Commercial Production
  7. Original artwork for animation, cartoons, video
  8. Custom video from your pictures and tapes
  9. Memorial video/DVD production
  10. Original CD/DVD covers
  11. VHS, Mini-DV to DVD transfer

Audio Production

  1. Location Sound for Video
  2. Original music (for film and video)
  3. Live/mobile multi-track audio recording
  4. Music production and arranging for musicians/songwriters
  5. Full recording studio
  6. CD and surround sound mixing and mastering
  7. Audio restoration-digitized analog recordings
  8. Pitch correction for recorded vocals

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